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    Monodic Flow (Field Totem)​

     Hancock Shaker Village (May 8, 2018 through May 8, 2019)

The path of mirrors echoes the flow of water in the underground aqueducts that the Shakers laid in 1818 from a reservoir at the top of the hillside to the village below.   Water then powered their machinery, supplied the laundry, and afterward drained into distant fields to water the cattle and livestock.  Nothing was wasted by the Shakers, and the aqueduct is still in use today.


A monody is a song sung by a single voice. Early Shaker music was sung in unison without instrumental accompaniment, the voices of the community coming together to offer a single prayer to God. To Remec, the Shakers’ presence in American history was like a lone melody against the bustle of society around them, spiritually and culturally.

(see press release)

Size: 204 ft. x 9 ft. x 1.5 ft.

Materials:  One hundred sixty three 32 inch acrylic dome mirrors, nylon twine and assorted metal hardware


View from Google Earth

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